Monday, May 13, 2019

Only Climate Change? We MUST have Earthquake Abatement!


Anchorage homeowners are very fortunate that our municipality has a plan for addressing Climate Change. But why stop there? We need a plan for Earthquake Abatement, too!

Here is the MOA climate change mission statement:

In collaboration with the University of Alaska, the Municipality of Anchorage is creating a Climate Action Plan that will focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change.

Earthquake Abatement must be added to that mission. The three words “and
Earthquake abatement” must be added. I am therefore directing my Eagle River municipal assemblywoman, Crystal Kennedy to demand Earthquake Abatement also be added to the Muni Climate Change mission.

And, Astrological timing could not be better for this effort, either.

To put the challenge into perspective I took the liberty of consulting with Belinda C. Dunn, a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She provided profound insight into where we are as human beings after a new moon in Taurus at the beginning of May.

Taurus is the zodiac sign of sensuality, you know.

“The chart for the New Moon on May 4, shows a 50% emphasis on the earth element,” Dunn explains. “By the Full Moon on May 18, the chart shows 60% earth. So, according to the common adage, it’s time to take the Taurus bull by the horns; get real, down to earth, and take active, determined steps in the manifestation of goals.”

Climate Change, Earthquake Abatement, Muni priorities #2 and #1.

Serendipitously, the Municipal Assembly has a work session on the topic planned for Friday, May 17th. This is perfect timing, according to Dunn, because: “During the final week of April, from our vantage point on Earth, two major planets entered a retrograde phase. On April 24, Pluto went retrograde, and on April 29, Saturn went retrograde. In general, this signals a necessary pause, an apparent halt to forward movement for purposes of completion and integration. It’s not that life doesn’t move forward, it simply means the To Do list has reached its limit, and in many cases, there is a backlog of complication that cannot be solved overnight. These consequential and slow-moving planets will remain retrograde throughout the spring and summer months.”

Other mundane problems like homelessness will therefore have to wait. Obviously, once Climate Change and Earthquake Abatement are solved all others will solve themselves.

The day after the Assembly work session will be “a very sacred Full Moon, May 18. Known as Wesak Festival. Sun transits through Taurus, and the Moon is exactly opposite in Scorpio. On an annual basis, mystics, spiritual aspirants and light workers gather in meditation around the globe,” according to Dunn.

Another indicator this is the perfect time to expand our goal beyond mere Climate Change. The Muni must do something about these bothersome earthquakes, too.

According to Dunn: “Not only are these planets retrograde, but they are currently within 3 degrees of each other in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. The lunar nodes and the current eclipse cycle add intensity to this alignment as Saturn conjoins the south lunar node on May 20, June 23 and September 15.”

Astrological timing for this mandate is very clear. Muni property owners must be given assurance their financial contribution to local government is bringing its highest potential return with assurance of Earthquake Abatement.

Dunn: “To give perspective, let’s consider the long-term transits of Saturn and Pluto. Saturn takes approximately 29 years to orbit through the entire zodiac. Pluto’s orbit is almost beyond conceptualization of time, taking 248 years to circle the zodiac sky. Therefore, they reach conjunction every 37-38 years, marking major events that shift consciousness, resulting in significant historical turning points.”

We cannot miss this opportunity.

“For example, the last conjunction took place in the zodiac sign of Libra in 1981-82. Reagan was president, a recession was affecting the USA economy, and Epcot, Disney’s futuristic theme park, opened. The previous conjunction took place in Leo during the years 1946-47, as the world recovered from the unfathomable destruction of WWII. Truman was president, Stalin was still in power, the Diary of Anne Frank was published, and the baby boom was in full swing.”

Can you see the obvious connection to today?

Climate Change and Earthquake Abatement are within our reach because “these planets mark the cycles of life, with a long-term generational influence. Another esteemed Astrologer, Lorna Bevan writes: “This aspect has a long story-arc. It brings to a close a cycle begun in November 1982 and opens a new cycle of your personal history and especially of American history. To put it in perspective: the last time Saturn/Pluto met in Capricorn was in 1518 when Martin Luther began the Protestant revolution.”

These are important considerations for the Assembly and Mayor Berkowitz to keep in mind while addressing Climate Change. Dunn calls this a “rare, once in a lifetime, cosmic moment as Saturn and Pluto will exactly co-join in January 2020.”

But there’s more: “On May 1-2, Mercury brought important information to the light of day to activate stressful alignment with Saturn/Pluto while conjoining Eris, the planet of radical, revolutionary and evolutionary awakening,” according to Dunn, adding: “Communications can take the form of hard conversations that press the necessity to make difficult decisions.”

In other words: Time for elected officials to put up or shut up. Climate Change AND Earthquake Abatement, or nothing.

Only Climate Change? We MUST have Earthquake Abatement! BY DONN LISTON Anchorage homeowners are very fortunate that our municipal...